National Stock Exchange of India Indices Limited (NSIL)



NSE Indices Limited (NSIL), a subsidiary of National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), provides a variety of indices and index related services for the capital markets.
The company focuses on the index as a core product. It owns and manages a portfolio of indices under the NIFTY brand of NSE, including the flagship index, the NIFTY 50. The NIFTY equity indices comprise of broad market benchmark indices, sectoral indices, strategy indices, thematic indices and customised indices. NSE Indices Limited also maintains fixed income indices based on Government of India securities, corporate bonds, money market instruments and hybrid indices.
Several investment products based on NIFTY indices have been developed within India and abroad. These include index based derivatives traded on NSE, NSE IFSC and Singapore Exchange Ltd. (SGX) and a number of index funds and exchange traded funds. The flagship ‘NIFTY 50’ index is widely tracked and traded as the benchmark for Indian Capital Markets.

Various indices within the Nifty Index Family are endorsed by Moorgate Benchmarks Ltd for usage under the UK Benchmarks Regulation. 

For further information regarding the usage of the Nifty Index Family please contact
For further information regarding usage under the UK benchmarks regulation and which indices are available for use, please contact

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For further information including methodology documents, please visit NIFTY Indices.


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