TP ICAP Group, the world’s largest inter-dealer broker, selected Moorgate Benchmarks as independent administrator of its TP ICAP interest rate swap (IRS) benchmarks.

A first of its kind, this partnership enables TP ICAP to continue offering its innovative benchmarks to customers, secure in the knowledge they meet the highest standards of governance and are independently administered in full compliance with EU and UK benchmarks regulation.
TP ICAP is one of the most entrepreneurial firms in financial services and is highly regarded for its data and benchmark offerings. TP ICAP prides itself on its pivotal role in the world’s financial markets, empowering its customers to make the best possible investment decisions and transact with confidence.

Moorgate Benchmarks was selected as independent administrator because of our next-generation approach to benchmarking, and our deep expertise and track record in ensuring the highest levels of compliance and governance in benchmark administration.

Benchmark statements for the TP ICAP benchmark families can be accessed below.

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Outcome of LIBOR-based Benchmark Cessation Consultation

TP ICAP & Moorgate Benchmarks recently consulted stakeholders regarding the proposed cessation of the TP ICAP LIBOR-based GBP & CHF screens as Benchmarks regulated under the UK BMR. No dissenting opinions were received during the consultation, and therefore Moorgate Benchmarks and TP ICAP notify stakeholders that the TP ICAP LIBOR-based GBP & CHF screens will cease to be benchmarks (under the UK BMR), from the 31st December 2021.

This decision has been taken in light of the planned cessation of LIBOR as a regulated benchmark, and the consequent reduction in trading volumes seen in LIBOR-linked interest rate swaps.

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