Moorgate Benchmarks appoints Mark Pralle as CTO

Moorgate Benchmarks appoints Mark Pralle as CTO

Moorgate Benchmarks is happy to announce Mark Pralle is joining its leadership team as Chief Technology Officer.

Frankfurt-based Mark will become responsible for the company’s technology and index operations.
Prior to joining Moorgate Benchmarks, he built the Markit index engine driving one of the most successful global fixed income index families, and scaled the index team over ten years into a truly global setup with teams in all major timezones. As Markit Global Operations Head and Managing Director he was responsible for Markit’s German Entity as well as for its entire index operation.
Tobias Sproehnle and Gareth Parker, co-founders, said: “We are extremely excited to have brought Mark into Moorgate Benchmarks. Over the coming months he will build a massively-scalable index calculation and administration engine that builds on all his prior experience with Markit as well as on the knowledge of how indexing needs will develop towards mass customisation over the coming years. Nobody is better placed to take on this task.”



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