From 1/1/2022, many non-EU indices used by EU market participants must be authorised in order for that usage to continue. We provide the EU legal representative and endorsement services needed for non-EU administrators to ensure their indices can be used within the EU.

Most indices administered within the EU and UK must be authorised from 1/1/2020. We provide administration services that can in some circumstances remove the need for clients to themselves become regulated benchmark administrators.

After Brexit the UK is adopting a version of the EU benchmarks regulation. Its requirements are identical to those of the EU regulation: indices provided from outside the UK must be authorised if their use is to continue within the EU. For most index providers the regulation will come into effect two years after Brexit day. For index providers that have only provided benchmarks since June 2016 and are not already regulated under the EU benchmarks regulation, the UK regulation will come into effect on Brexit day itself. We provide services that ensure the indices of non-UK administrators can continued to be used in the UK.

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